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Special Offer


【Special Offer & Special Treatment Session for you!】

Usual chronic pain treatment is €90


【Special treatment】

🍀 Posture Check

🍀 A painless autonomic nerves conditioning treatment


This event is for people with back pain, neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, chronic pain, and people who can't relax.

It is also ideal for those who want to check their physical health and those who want to improve their posture.



【Specila offer】

☆☆ Chronic pain treatment + A painless autonomic nerves conditioning treatment + Posture Check ☆☆

The usual chronic pain treatment is worth more than €170!! 



We only have a limited number of people available and we WILL be booked out often, so book your place quickly to avoid disappointment.


Book from our reservation page.

Special Offer!!
€15 OFF!!

€90 → €75

オランダ デン・ハーグで腰痛、肩凝り、腱鞘炎、偏頭痛等でお悩みの方は、当院にお任せ下さい。

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