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"I want to make a smile with manipulative treatment"
"I want a smile free from pain"
"I want to share a pain-free life"
"I want to help people in need"
"I want to see the smiles of everyone involved"
It is a manipulative clinic that started from such a simple feeling. But it's true.
It's painful and uncomfortable. It's painful. It hurts and is painful even if I hit it a little.
I'm worried if the pain lasts forever. Is it healed? Will it be cured? Can I return to my original life?
I'm worried if this gets longer. How long will it last? It may be again. it's scary.
It can be scary, anxious, anxious and frustrating.
I went to the hospital many times and thought that there were signs of healing, but it recurred. Depressed. I blame myself.

If I understand the cause, I will try to convince myself, but if I do not understand the cause, I will convince myself, but I can't help it.
My body and mental health are painful.

When I heard that it was good over there and this was good, I tried it and went to the hospital. It becomes a habit to look for various things.
Even if I finally find a place that suits me, the person in charge changes and the method changes. I get tired in various ways.

I don't know the exact cause for a long time, I don't know if it's completely cured or not, and I'm still worried.
These are all my experiences since I was a student and became a member of society.
It's really painful to have constant pain and anxiety about pain.
I don't want anyone to have this kind of experience.
It was the manipulative clinic that was finally cured. The excitement and surprise are still unforgettable.
That was also the reason why I got on the path to becoming a bodywork therapist.
After that, I studied a lot. Eventually, it turned out that no strong force was needed to change the body. On the contrary, I also found that it was a burden. And I came up with the current treatment method.

I went to various places and had them treated.
I am grateful that it has improved.
But even if I think about it now, I don't want it to hurt. Even though it hurts, I personally didn't like the strong pushing, bending, and twisting treatments. It's probably one of the ways to improve it. The pain disappeared because the procedure itself was painless, but it was a method of forcibly correcting it. But no matter how many times I went to the hospital, I felt that my body was tense every time. It's been a pain for many years and I'm really grateful that it disappeared.
However, by studying at various seminars, I realized that I don't need strong power to change my body. On the contrary, I also found that it was a burden.

Please feel free to contact us if you have been worried about your pain or symptom. 

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Treatment fee: €70

Head massage: €60

Open: Tue -  Sat 10:00 - 19:00
Reservation required

   Tel: 0657165663 (reservation available 11:00-16:00)
   Email: seitai.teateya123@gmail.com

zoutmanstraat 51, 2518 GM, Den Haag, Netherland

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